Draco Malfoy comes barreling into you, knocking you to the ground as you step off your platform, but as he passes, you latch onto his foot and watch him fall face first into the grass. You scramble to your feet and run for the Cornucopia. You're not really thinking. You go for the first rucksack you can get your hands on and sling it over your shoulders. That's when you turn and see it - a small table lined with eighteen or so wands of all different sizes and shapes. Eighteen wands? That means five people have picked out their wands already. You quickly scour the remaining collection, shuffling through the lot. Then you grab your wand (spilling all but one of the others to the floor in the process) and turn just as Crabbe comes right at you, his chubby cheeks wobbling as he runs.

"STUPEFY!" you shout. He hits the ground at the mouth of the Cornucopia like a huge sack of lumpy dough. In your peripheral vision, you see a medium-sized battle axe. You haven't the foggiest idea of how to use one, but you figure it's better to have one than not. You pick it up and get the bloody hell out of there, but you don't know which direction to go in.

"Ron!" Hermione calls from behind you. She's standing next to Harry and looks hopeful. You know she wants to form an alliance.

Should you:
A.) Form an alliance with Harry and Hermione and head for the forest
B.) Go it alone and head for the field