Written by Rebekah Grippen
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

The sky is too clear and blue for this to be happening. That's what you think while standing on your designated platform in the arena. You look across the clearing and see Hermione to your right, standing on her platform. She looks you right in the eye and won't look away. You try to smile, but it's like your face has been weighed down. You just keep eye contact.

The gong sounds and it's a race for either the shining, ridiculous looking Horn of Plenty at the center of the circle or anywhere but this bleeding clearing. You know - you know - you need supplies. You could never survive out there, as much as Hagrid tried to drill survival skills into you, and to be perfectly honest, rubbing two sticks together to try to make a fire seems like a waste of time. You need a wand. You need your wand.

Should you:
A.) Go for the Cornucopia and get supplies and a wand
B.) Run away